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Total body workout designed exclusively for Prevention Magazine. We tested this workout on 15 women for one month, and they had amazing results!

barre3 Ballet Boot Camp

Instructor: Candace Ofcacek
Total Body | Ball, Chair, Weights, Yoga Mat
Total body workout designed exclusively for Prevention Magazine. We tested this workout on 15 women for one month, and they had amazing results!
barre3 Resistance Band
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  1. Loved this one, challenging!

  2. Simple and easy to follow, enjoyed it very much.
    Perfect for when you want an effective no-frills workout.

  3. I really loved this one! As a former ballerina, it was fun incorporating the more ballet postures :)
    Worked up a really good sweat to end my week.

  4. tough but good!

  5. Hands down, my favorite workout! This is what got me started way back in 2012, and I just went back to it today and phew! Awesome way to start the week!

  6. Loved this workout. Great way to end my weekend.

  7. That was great! Nice start to my Sunday~

  8. This was the workout that started it all for me! I discovered barre3 in prevention magazine and have loved it ever since! Thank you for providing these amazing workouts, instructors, and recipes!

  9. An old favorite! Love the ballet moves, and love Candace! Thanks so very much!

  10. Wow I soo loved this. I felt like my body was being massaged during the entire workout? Is this part of the Prevention DVD currently being advertised online. Great session. Going for 60 minutes tomorrow!!

  11. Hands down, my favorite one! I wish there was a way to put these workouts on a favorites list!

  12. Hi I love this work out, but my screen turns black with only sound playing often. Hard to do it without looking at it.

    • Please email us at: and we can help you resolve this issue. Thanks!

  13. This is one of my favorite workouts! It’s such a great workout in only 30 minutes. Question- can you tell me what brand Candace’s tights are? I’ve seen them (or something similar) in other Barre3 videos and love them!

    • Hi Mandy, Candace is wearing shorts and leg warmers over dance tights. You can get these at your local dance supply or even a department store. Hope this helps!

  14. Love this, but it’s only 10 minutes and comes up as a result for a 30 minute workout!

    • Thank you for letting us know! We will get this fixed.

  15. Another great ballet inspired workout! Hope we get some more.

  16. This a really awesome work out!! I really enjoyed the different poses and felt how each move would benefit my body – thank you!!

  17. First time doing this one and I loved it! I decided to do the 25 day challenge. :))

  18. This is probably one my favorite videos thus far (I’m only two weeks in!). I really felt challenged and that it was a great total body workout – not to mention the sweat that was dripping down! I’m thinking of doing the 25 day challenge myself :)

  19. I just did this for the third time this week. I love this workout and how it incorporates ballet. Candace is great! <3

  20. I’m back for more. I love this workout!

  21. Still one of my favorites!

  22. One of my all time favorites! Candace is awesome! Thank you

  23. A new favorite! Thanks Candace!!

  24. This is hands down my favorite workout here (and there’s so many great ones to choose from)! I get the best results in a short amount of time with this boot camp. Also, I sometimes feel like Chelsea Clinton is leading the workout, not Candace! They look a little similar (at least my daydreaming helps the workout go by)….

  25. Love this workout! Thank you Candace!

  26. Great workout. I always feel better about myself when I complete one of these challenging workouts.

  27. Love this one. I haven’t done it in a long time, and so glad I did today!

  28. Excellent! Challenging (boy, were my legs quaking!) yet so much fun. I love Candace’s workouts.

  29. This is a wonderfully balanced barre3 workout. I love how all of the moves reach the core.

  30. Wow this workout kicked my butt yet I feel so graceful afterwords :D

  31. Candace did a great job with this workout. Perfect after a long walk to get some cross training.

  32. Beautiful ballet workout!

  33. I recently purchased my membership to Barre3, and I just started the 28 Day Challenge. So pleased to see that I can get a great workout in at home in 30 minutes! I danced my whole life, and I was skeptical at first that this workout could be comparable to a dance workout…I’m so glad I was wrong! It really did feel similar to a good ballet barre! I’m excited to complete the challenge, and get some great results!

  34. Another great workout! Thank you so much :) I’ve been doing barre 3 for about 6 weeks now and I’m still loving it! I’ve done a lot of different workouts over the years and barre3 is by far my favorite! I wish I would have found this a long time ago!

  35. Hi , congrats for your work, Its hard to go to the gym in winter time so with these workouts I am being able to keep my routine during these months.. Its 30 minute barre workout all weeks days equivalent to a well gym discipline? I used to go 5 times per week to the gym but to hour not high cardio classes (pilates, yoga, barre). Its enough with the Barre3 30 minutes workouts?or should I increased the time per class to continue with my fitness plan? Its because I found much more easy to maintained this discipline with shorter workouts.
    Thanks and please add more workouts!

    • Hi Pia! One of our favorite mantras at barre3 is to work smarter instead of harder, and it sounds like you’re doing that. Nice job maintaining a consistent practice! Short workouts are amazing, but don’t be afraid to shake it up once in a while. One day a week, can you try doing a 10-minute workout in addition to your 30-minute workout? Or can you invite a friend over to do a 40 or 60-minute workout once a week? Listen to your body, stick to what’s doable, but don’t be afraid to push yourself. Keep us posted!

  36. This was great and definately feel my balance is getting better. I would love to see more 30 minute work outs too like Ellen, as they are the perfect amount of time for me to commit to during the week! Thanks again

  37. Wow! I felt that!

  38. This was great! I’ll be coming back to this one often. Can you make more 30 minute workouts? It’s very hard for me to fit in anything longer in without lots of interruptions from kids. It’s either this, or I fall back on 10 minute workouts, and I usually only do one of those honestly. :)

    • Hi Ellen! We will definitely work on that for you. Sometimes I like to mix and match 10 minute workouts to make my own 30 minute workout as well!

  39. I think it would awesome if there was a way to record your workouts on this website. This way you could look back and see which class you did on what day. It would also make you accountable and more likely to stick to a schedule! I currently write it down on paper and rate each class but it would really be convienent if we couold track it online. I am loving Barre3!

    • Hi Michelle! We love that idea as well, and it is on our wish list. I love that you are using your own tracking system in the meantime!

  40. Love love love this workout!!

  41. Awesome workout! Is this the same as the Ballet Bootcamp dvd?

    • Hi Dung! So glad you loved this one. Yes, it is the same workout that is available on DVD!

  42. In love w/this workout!! Please make a 60 or even 40 min version w/side leg involvement xo!!!!

    • Hi Lorraine,

      We will work on this for you!

  43. Played around and I got it.Loved it.

  44. Please do more workouts like this. I LOVE the totally inspired ballet exercises. it makes the workout feel more like dancing. This is my favorite out of all your online workouts. I would like to see a 60 minute version. thanks so much for a fun 30 mins Candace!
    Katie Krohn, Denver CO

    • Hi Katie! So glad you are loving this workout. Thank you for the feedback- we are always developing new workouts, so we will definitely keep that in mind!

  45. Beautiful, ballet inspired workout! Loved it! Thank you, Candace

  46. I’m taking the month challenge with this workout…:)

  47. Any way of logging when and what workouts I have done?

    • Hi Debbie! Not currently, but thank you for the suggestion! We agree that would be a great feature.

  48. Great workout! My 11 year old daughter and I just complete the workout together. So much fun!

  49. I love this work out with all the ballet inspired moves like the fondues. Thanks so much.

  50. Great workout to come back to after months of not working out. Thank you!

  51. Nice Workout! A great way to start the day ;)

  52. Another great workout!

  53. Loved It!!!

  54. great workout!

  55. I’m impressed with the challenge for just 30 minutes. Just enough time. A little sweat, some leg shaking and now for mom chores!

  56. This is one of my absolute favorites. A great morning boost of a workout that creates results SO fast

  57. Excellent!! Worked up an excellent sweat in no time. :)

  58. I have been out of my routine since vacation and this workout is a great one to get back into a routine! Thanks Candace. ( daughter just told me I was dripping so I think that is a sign of a great workout!)

  59. I really like this workout. By no means am I a ballerina (I played lacrosse in college)… But I feel like it with this workout :)! Really great core and leg work.

  60. This was a great work out – I love the instructors outfit!!

  61. Love this one!!!

  62. Great workout. Makes you sweat. I just wish there was more stretching at the end. There was a great deal of leg work but no stretching.

  63. I think this is my favorite of the 30 minute workouts.

  64. This was my first barre3 online video and I loved it. Great instructor.

  65. Great leg and seat workout!

  66. @Heather: Have you tried barre3 Wisdom? I would also recommend the Glow Prenatal workouts- it’s definitely not just for mamas-to-be! Both of those are a little slower paced and will give you a chance to work on your form.

  67. This was a great workout but the tempo was very fast. I have been doing classes at the Vancouver/Camas Studio for about 6 months and this is my first video. I haven’t looked to see if you have any yet but it might be nice to have slower paced classes online for people who really need to focus on their form (like me!).

  68. This my favorite!!! I can do it even after 35 minutes of vigorous cardio!!!

  69. Thank you so much for your passion for beautiful fitness! I am a children’s dance teacher, and just had my 4th baby last August. This fall I am getting my dream position as the head of a dance academy in Utah, but was so discouraged a few months ago because my body was not bouncing back like I had “planned” after my baby. With 4 kids, it’s too challenging to find the time to go running or to the gym, and then even after I would, I would feel too drained of energy to take care of them. Barre3 has given me my body back, my time back, and my inertia back, and I am looking forward to a great future. Thank you so oh so much!

  70. @Lauren: Absolutely! Our favorite go-to is the standing heel to seat quad stretch. To get the most of this, try to get the knee cap of your stretching leg to point straight down, then lift the frontal hip bones. If you want to take it a little deeper you can gently pull your stretching knee behind you just a little.

  71. Can you recommend a good quad stretch? I feel like all the carousel horse and power leg movements make the top/front of my quads really tight. Thanks!

  72. Love that I can do this workout from my Cambria Pines Lodge room from my iPhone. Portable workout!!

  73. bootie burn…enjoyed the routine.

  74. This is my second workout, and I feel so good after I am done :)

  75. @Melanie: Try working a little bit higher during leg work and moving smaller. Make sure you are firming your core in throughout the workout, keeping your low back nice and stable. If anything in particular bothers you, take the suggested modifications from there. The most important thing is that you listen to your body and not try to work through the pain. If you need any assistance, please reach out to us at!

  76. My first time doing this workout. I loved it, but had lower back pain. Am I doing something wrong? I have been doing the different online videos for about 3 weeks.

  77. Everyday I do a Barre3 workout I am AMAZED at how incredible I feel during and after the workouts. Thank you – Brittany

  78. This was my very first online workout. I loved it so much!!! So excited about getting in a Barre3 class just whenever I can just right in my own home. Can not wait to do another one :) Paige Sims Edmond, OK

  79. I love how comprehensive your workouts are. Thank you! I can always fit them in. -Danielle (

  80. Wow although I’ve enjoyed all the workouts I’ve done so far this is the first one that made me sweat. Simple but effective.

  81. Second time to do ballet boot camp and I love it. My 3 year old loves to watch me do this workout and catching on to some graceful dance moves. Candace you are great instructor and really helped me to think about each pose :). Thank you

  82. Candace is a great instructor! I love this workout!

  83. Excellent routine. Challenging. Love the instructor too.

  84. On days when I just cannot find the enthusiasm to press the play button, I can always talk myself into the Ballet Boot Camp. Thanks Barre3.

  85. Just completed this workout and LOVED it! I have been avid with Pilates for 3 years and this is what I need to shake things up and see changes! So glad I found Barre 3

  86. First workout since having my baby and very first Barre3 workout! Absolutely loved it. Legs are shaking! So grateful my twin Nicki introduced me to Barre3!

  87. My legs are burning! Great 30 minute work out that worked up a good sweat

  88. Thanks so much! Feel the burn. I really enjoyed this video. Perfect for a snowy day when I can’t get outside and get active!

  89. Amazing workout! The perfect balance of weights, resistance and ballet. My fav.

  90. Great workout for 30 minutes. Loved it

  91. @Jessica: Thank you for the feedback! We love to hear what clients are looking for.

  92. Awesome workout, although I think I would have liked to add little more in depth stretching at the end.

  93. I really like how you get lots of stretch in on this one with all the burn in the legs!

  94. really feel graceful and strong after this routine ~ thank you, Candace, for a fabulous workout! :)

  95. Great way to start Tuesday!

  96. This is one of my favorites. gets everything!

  97. Great 30 minute workout! Needed it today as I have not been feeling well but wanted and needed to move my body!… But my internet was down and so I walked around my house to find a free connection somewhere – ended up in my bathroom as it was the only place that I could find a strong enough connection…. So imagine me in my bathroom doing this much needed workout! I had to visualize myself back in Portland in your beautiful Pearl studio – and not in my bathroom!!! Thanks for being with me here in Moscow Barre3!

  98. Awesome, Thanks!

  99. Can you 5 pound weights for the upper body work?
    I did not have any lower weight when I started

  100. @Marylou- you can use 5 pound weights but be sure that you are maintaining proper form (shoulders away from your ears, long through the spine, etc). Our focus is more about form than weight- I rarely use weights in class and get an awesome workout!

  101. Second time on this one and “feeling it” more where we are supposed to. Practice makes perfect! Great 30 min one to get a whole body experience!

  102. My legs are burning!!!

  103. Another wonderful workout! weather’s too gloomy to drive to the gym today–thank you, barre3!

  104. I am enjoying this except the video is so small and the glare when I am down on the floor keeps me from following all of the moves. It is getting easier and I appreciate that you have one person modifying for people like myself with knee and shoulder problems. Am enjoying and am proud that I have almost completed my first week. I feel great!!!

  105. Love this one, it’s my new favorite!! Went for a 30 minute run and finished with this – I am so thankful for your online workouts!

  106. I’m sweating! And, it felt great!

  107. Great work out. My legs r shaking!

  108. Loved the workout! Experienced my first “Barre3″ workout with my sister in Bellevue last summer and had so much fun. Unfortunately, there is not a studio where I live in Spokane, but when I received the email about the “28 to great” I thought I’d give it a try. It has been such a joy to work muscles that haven’t been worked in quite some time. I was a ballet dancer in Seattle growing up and in college rowed on the crew team. Until my late thirties I enjoyed long distance running, but when I turned 38 I was hit hard with rheumatoid arthritis. What I love about Barre3 is that I am getting an incredible workout without hurting my joints. It really is wonderful…..thank you!

  109. @Krista: You can view the screen in full screen! Just click on the icon that looks like a square at the lower right hand corner of your video screen.

  110. New favorite! Thanks!

  111. Great workout, love the ballet component. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  112. Great workout! Wish there was a way to expand the screen to full-screen size.

  113. OMG, loved this you guys!! A great way to kick off my 28 to great challenge on this Monday. Normally I am all about a studio workout with Andrea M. in OKC, but work was crazy today (since the holidays are now over) plus I already did a 40 min. walk today. This 30 min. Total Body online was awesome! Thank you!
    Angela S. OKC

  114. Loved this workout! Great if your looking for a quick workout that will really make you sweat!

  115. Wow! My first ballet boot camp, and I was sweating buckets! Hopefully I am doing all the poses correctly. Great workout! Thank you, Candace!

  116. challenging but not impossible!!!! Loved it, and I know I will be feeling it tomorrow!!!!! Easy on my back and knees while tough on my “tough spots”. Thanks!

  117. Amazing workout and so easy on my joints! I was sweating and feeling the burn! Awesome!!!!!

  118. Great instructor. Easy to follow directions and an amazing work out. Thanks.

  119. This is fun. I work out regularly and this is a nice, moderate workout I can do in conjunction with a walk or with some yoga. Or just a refresh during a stressful day. I love that this is online. My first class. Hopefully all will be as good. I like the modification information and the use of different body types as models.

  120. great workout! thank you!
    only thing that would have made the work out expierence better is maybe with the bend and reach type movement if one person was facing forward towards camera instead of all towards wall because I couldnt see exactly what the angles she was bringing her arms and legs out were. thanks for the video! :)

  121. Wonderful option for those days I can’t get to the studio.

  122. That was really fantastic. As a 51 year old woman I slowed down my movements to make them less stressful and it worked great. A wonderful alternative to cardio that engages my core. Thanks.

  123. After 20 years of working out it still amazes me how hard you can breathe and how much you can sweat while essentially standing in one spot! Wonderful all-around workout with great instruction. This was my first time… loved it!

  124. My very first Barre3 workout and it was hard but great! I really liked the instructor :o)

  125. The new web format is great!

  126. I’m super picky about instruction and safety. This was perfect!

  127. I have been doing this the whole of October and have gotten great results, am now down to a medium from a large. My husband also noticed the weight loss and lean body, am so happy. Hope you have a part 2 of this 30min workout concentrating on the abdominals.

  128. I love this! Simple and quick. I can squeeze it in after dropping the kids at school but before I need to be anywhere. It is also a great challenge! I love the long and lean feeling I have after finishing and throughout the day.

  129. Silly me I thought this workout looked easy; I found out otherwise. As always I love Candace challenging ballet inspired work outs. More Candace please.

  130. So happy to have found this online option! Can do this any time, any place! For newbies like me, it would be helpful to have “close-ups” of foot placement, etc.

  131. Made it 21 minutes on this one! Will work on it again tomorrow!

  132. This was my first workout and I loved it! I am a busy mom and just did this while my son napped with still time left over to fold some laundry! Awesome!

  133. So effective for just thirty minutes! I love this one; Candace is an excellent teacher!

  134. This was my first workout. Great workout with low impact. Just what I wanted! I look forward to more.

  135. Candace is a great teacher! I love the standing poses. My legs were definitely shaking! Thanks for this one :)

  136. Now that summer is here and kids are out of school, My Barre3 is the perfect way to work out at home when its tough to get to the studio. This is a great, fast workout that I have no excuse to skip!

  137. Loved this workout! Quick and effective.

  138. Love, love, love this workout! Have little time to work out and this is perfect for me!

  139. This is a wonderful workout that makes me feel good everytime. I love how I feel I am walking taller after I work out with Candace. Great teacher with lots of positivity.

  140. These 30 min workouts are perfect for my limited schedule – please add more!!!! Love my barre 3!

  141. Excellent thanks Candace! Love the title, really felt worked out from head to toe!!!

  142. Great workout and loved the dance based exercises!

  143. Thanks Candace for this awesome quick and intense workout! It really focuses on lifting the bum and standing taller! It seemed to get all of my runner “kinks” out and help balance my body!

  144. Wow, haven’t worked out in a month, this was a great workout to get excited about getting into a routine! Great modifications offered to still complete the workout. Great job!

  145. Love the workout! I took a few weeks off and this was a great one to start back up with :) Thanks!

  146. Did my first Barre workout this morning and I chose this video (randomly, plus it was early). I struggled half way through, but the modified options really helped me and after doing a few minutes of modified options, I was right to continue the rest of it. I felt really good after that, like I was a little longer/taller. :) Thank you! x

  147. This is one of my favorite workouts. I feel like it hits every area. Candace should do more workout videos. :)

  148. Just took this class in the Bahamas! Thank you Candace!!!!

  149. This is a good basic workout, but if you already have the original Barre 3 dvd, it doesn’t offer as much variety as the other workouts. It’s great for beginners, and challenging enough to grow with.

  150. This was a nice, quick workout. Loved Candace as the teacher!

  151. Love this workout!! Super efficient and quick! Thank you Candace!! Looking forward to more workouts from you : )

  152. Just finished and awesome Barr3 Ballet Boot Camp workout !!!!!!!! AMAZING Candace !!!!!!!!!!truly incredible!!!!!!!! Thank you, you are fantastic! Love it!

  153. More Candace! Thanks for another great workout!

  154. I just love this workout! What a wonderful combination of exercises that develop & enhance grace of strength through ballet-inspired moves. Candace does an excellent job of bringing out the inner dancer in me.

  155. This was a perfect workout on a rainy day in Portland! It was graceful but also felt very athletic – a combination that exactly suites my background and interests! Thank you Candace!

  156. This might be one of my favorite so far! I love the faster past and the grace of each posture. Beautiful job Candace!!!

  157. Candace really packs it in! I love how efficient this workout is… feels complete in just 30 minutes. More Candace please :)

  158. how many days a week did they do this workout?

  159. Fantastic! Because of a knee injury, I haven’t been able to take my beloved ballet classes. But with the modifications offered, this workout felt great and gave me that same ballet class euphoria! Thanks Candace!

  160. awesome and effective workout Candace! As a former dancer myself, I appreciated all the familiar steps modified in a way that is safe and much more accessible.

  161. What a great compact workout-had me shaking & sweating in the first few minutes! I’ll be doing this one all month long!

  162. Thank you so much for this fabulous workout Candace! This really speaks to me with my ballet background, I love all these moves. The best part? Anyone, from runners to moms on the go, can do this! You will come away with lift, grace and balance in the body! Two thumbs up!