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Challenge yourself with this total body shaping workout.

barre3 Shape

Instructor: Sadie Lincoln
Total Body | Ball, Chair, Weights, Yoga Mat
Challenge yourself with this total body shaping workout.
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  1. Still love this one.

  2. This is a gem! Perfection – I think my favorite ever! Weird this one has never popped up in my subscription? Just saw it for the first time. As a hairstylist, I love your hair Sadie with the lowlights + dimension added :) Thanks!

  3. Good one!!!

  4. The carousel horse is such a burner! The stretches in between were a nice break. Also, great seat work on all fours.

  5. Love the detailed instruction. I’m surprised more people don’t use this one. Or maybe just don’t comment.

  6. Still love this one!

  7. Another great online workout! Week 4 of the Barre3AnywhereChallenge is my best yet!

  8. love it!!!!

  9. Love this challenge because I feel more connected with my body. Thanks!

  10. really great and balanced work out. Loved it!

  11. Awesome!

  12. I loved the pace of this workout! Really got my heart pumping and my body shaking and sweating. I also loved all of the stretching sequences. Keeping my challenge going!

    • We love that you are keeping the challenge going. Let us know how it goes and keep up the great work!

  13. Loved this workout -thank you. Day one of week two of the Challenge. I’m putting on my Barre 3 bracelet first thing in the morning and when I’ve completed my session, I take it off.

  14. first workout of 2015 in the books! great workout!

  15. Great workout! I enjoyed it :)

  16. This workout is AMAZING.. Love it :)

  17. i left a comment last year, and have done {and enjoyed} this routine numerous time since, but i just had to share my love for it again! this is well-paced, challenging, graceful, and a simply fabulous, total body workout! can’t say enough good things…thanks, Sadie! :)

  18. This one is amazing! Love love love. Non-stop movement and such effective moves- thank you!

  19. I’m working my way through your 60 minute full body workouts and this is one of the best. Good aerobics and felt I’d worked every part of my body.

  20. I really enjoyed this one – targeted all the right areas, I can tell I will be sore! This one I will come back to often!

  21. Very challenging, especially for legs and glutes. I’m glad to have done it.

  22. Great workout! Would love more new 60 minute workouts!!!

  23. awesome amazing workout! loved it :)

  24. This one is a keeper! This was a thoroughly challenging workout–great pace, great all-body workout.

  25. Nicely done! I see that I do have a passion for Barre3 and I am always glad to have pressed play!!!

  26. This workout really was excellent. Challenging but allowed for modifications!

  27. great workout went fast!

  28. Loved this workout! My passion for Barre3 grows with each video and class!!!

  29. Hopefully I will get better at doing all the moves. After 3 Csections I see I have no core strength.

  30. Love this workout! Wish we had a favorites menu, or history to show which videos I have done. Thank you!

  31. I love this one! It’s so hard and it never gets easier!

  32. I just loved this workout!!! Thank you.

  33. Love this workout! When do you think you will be adding more 60 minute workouts?

    • Hi Sarah! We are constantly creating new workouts, so stay tuned!

  34. Awesome workout! Works your body, gets heart rate up, leaves you feeling great!

  35. Amazing!!!!
    Love it!!

  36. Thank you for this great workout, Sadie! This was my first online workout and it was definitely as strong as the studio classes.

  37. Great workout sometimes my muscles burn/hurt so much I have to break the contraction, especially in carousel horse. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Lety- that is perfectly normal, and it’s ok to take breaks when needed!

  38. I have a love/hate relationship with this workout! I hate the quakes and shakes but love that is working my body. Plus I always feel great at the end. Thanks for another great 60 minute workout.

  39. Awesome workout. SO Hard! Hardest one yet! Loved it.

  40. Total body burner! Thanks!

  41. This one is great! Would love some more 60 minute videos- especially with Sadie!

  42. So I’ve been working out at home for a while, and have never noticed my improper form when working on all 4’s until Sadie pointed it out in this video. Are there any tips for re-training my body to “suck in” my hip?

    • Hi Sara! Keeping the hips level, square, and firm for all fours posture is not a easy task, so you are not alone. Here are some tips that will help:

      -Think about your hip bones pointing straight down towards the floor, like headlights shining straight down.
      -Imagine a tea cup on your low back and don’t let it tip in any direction (right, left, front, or back.)
      -Firm your core up towards your low back. This helps stabilize your low back and hips.

      Once you have done all of this, think about slightly shifting your weight towards the lifted side. Take your entire pelvis and draw it slightly over to the side. This will help pull the supporting hip up and in. Give this a try and let us know if you need any more tips!

  43. Felt great to get back into Barre3 today! Just finished a half marathon this past weekend and Barre3 definitely helped me strengthen my legs to push through! :)

  44. Brilliant! Can we have more 60-minutes please ;) happy new year wishes from London to Sadie and her awesome team!

    • Hi Anisha! We will work on more 60 minute workouts for you, and Happy New Year to you as well!

  45. Loved this workout. full body workout!! Definitely intense loved it!!

  46. Great workout! The longer I do Barre 3 the harder it gets.

  47. Whew another good workout! Thanks Barre3.

  48. Great Thanksgiving day workout!

  49. wow. amazing. def felt the burn!

  50. Lots of shaking. Surprisingly enough, it feels great after a long day at work. Thanks, Sadie!

  51. Sadie, this is my go to workout. I love your balanced teaching. Please don’t stop teaching new videos. Your workouts are my constant. Thank you so much for all you do.

  52. Love this one!

  53. I loved this one…..will definitely repeat. Great stretches. Thank you Sadie and team.

  54. Can’t believe I’ve missed this one for so long. What a productive hour. I felt just challenged enough in each segment. It’s work outs like these that make me a Barre 3 “lifer!”

  55. Love this workout. Truly works the whole body. I feels so refreshed when I finish.

  56. Still shaking! That’s definitely a good sign I’d say:)

  57. There are plenty of things I love about this workout, but one thing I especially like is having all mats facing vertically rather than horizontally. It makes following the video a bit easier. Thank you for a great workout!

  58. Thank you so much for a great workout!

  59. Two words: AMAZING WORKOUT!

  60. Its raining hard here in the philippines, making it difficult for me to go to my barre3 class. Thank heavens for the online classes! Nice workout!

  61. This class was challenging and a great one to start the day with. It will be part of my routine every week, loved it!

  62. This is my most favorite 60min Barre3 workout! :) I hope you have more of these! Great job!

  63. Another great workout!

  64. By far, my most favorite Barre 3 online class. I am coming back from surgery, and I am realizing how this is great for me to get back into shape. Thank you.!!

  65. Great variety with this one – like the new moves that I had not done in other videos. As always tons of shaking and quaking which I love!! But man the glut series was tough! Looking forward to the day I can finish that in entirety!

  66. LOVED this one!!.. well, i love them all, but this one really hit the spot today! thanks! :)

  67. Fantastic workout!

  68. The glut series on all fours was so tough! Can’t wait until I can get through the whole thing without stopping.

  69. I was shaking and dripping with sweat! Great workout!

  70. I don’t often get to do a whole hour due to schedule, but I got to indulge today- it was awesome! Instead of “dipping my bootie into a bucket of cold water”, I think about trying to reach to the wall behind me instead of trying to drop it to the floor. That visual makes me push back into the hips. Thank you for all the modifications and encouragement to honor your own body and respect where it is at right now.

  71. EaA

  72. I think I say this after each new video I do, but this is my favorite yet! My legs were quaking like crazy! Loved it!

  73. these workouts are superior to pure barre because you get so much instruction on how to hold your body and move properly. As Sadie says “these movements are not intuitive”. Love these workouts.

  74. Really great leg work, I will feel this tomorrow!

  75. Love this workout so, so much!!! I can really feel it working every muscle and organ in my body! Great stretching, great core workout, great muscle energizer.

  76. can you say amazing?! i always enjoy every workout. for this one i took the challenges, the balances, the deeper movements and was treated to an oh-so heating, body-quaking workout ~ whew! love it! thanks, Sadie! :)

  77. I feel energized after such a strong 60 minutes class!

  78. =)

  79. Woo hoo! That was a doozy, my legs were shaking uncontrollably, love that feeling!

  80. I think Barre 3 is great! I really see improvement!

  81. Just what I needed to start off my 28 day challenge!!

  82. wonderful workout! I feel energized and strong! This 60 minutes goes by quickly!
    I am drenched in sweat without having to toil on the eliptical! Thank you!!!

  83. This one was particularly great for gluts. The lever movement is my new favorite. It feels like it’s really working the whole area intensely. Keep the hardcore glut workouts coming! Sitting all day at work is your butt’s worst enemy and this feels like I’m reversing that a bit.

  84. Loved it!

  85. @Elica: Noted Elica! Try adding on our 10 minute Yoga Stretch or 10 minute Dancer’s Stretch when you’re craving more lengthening streches.

  86. I would like to see more stretching incorporated into all of the barre3 workouts. I liked the pace & intensity of this one in particular, but I do feel there isn’t enough attention paid to stretching..

  87. Loved this workout!! I am a Yogi at heart who teaches Pilates and barre classes and this is the perfect mix of all 3! I will be sore tomorrow. Thank you for all of your Workouts. I am addicted!!

  88. Woo, what a workout! Although it is definitely intense, it still felt very gentle on the body.

    Sadie, you’re killing me with all these planks :)

  89. Without ‘’ I wouldn’t be able to continue Barre3 workouts as I’ve moved to Vancouver from Seattle. Come to Canada? I miss y’all! Awesome classes, do them everyday. Thanks Sadie! You’re the best.

  90. Awesome workout but I couldn’t finish! But I think it’s more because of my fitness level, I should have started with a 40 minute one! But I will persevere! Thank you for the wonderful videos!

  91. This was a great 60 min workout! Thank you Sadie, Jen and Cadence. I will feel this tomorrow for sure.

  92. Sadie, you Rock!! I was sweating and quaking. I love how you explain by helping us visualize what we should be doing/ feeling. It definitely helps me remain focused on the integrity of each posture. Thank you!!!

  93. Wow! Definitely felt the quakes during the leg series! Never knew I could get such a great workout from home!

  94. Tried three out of the four 60min workouts these past three days. This is the closest to a studio workout. More, please! And thank you for have the movements on beat with the music.

  95. this is my favorite mybarre3 workout so far! loved it!

  96. One of the hardest workout, in my opinion. After 2 days, I still feel it!

  97. Easy to follow, just the right amount of everything, challenging workout…Perfect! Thank you, you are awesome! Looking forward to doing more workouts like this one.

  98. LOVED I! i am addicted, YOU R ALL GREAT TEACHERS

  99. One of my favorite! I love this workout, very intensive!

  100. I agree with needing more stretching in this one.

  101. After doing Barre3 for almost a year now, faithfully, I can’t even describe to you the changes in my body. I used to practice ballet for 15 years and the Barre3 workouts have reawakened those muscles in my legs, they look and feel so strong again. This is the 2nd time I did this 60 minute workout and the 2nd time around felt even more challenging on my body. I loved it, it was hard work, but I feel great right now. Thanks Sadie!

  102. excellent workout!! i love abs exercises…its very intensive!!

  103. Ditto the comments! I really liked this tough and thorough workout-whew! I’ve tried a couple so far and went today to the 60 minute one and didn’t even know it was going to be different from the one I first did! Nice surprise–good job!! I do look at all of you doing the workout from different angles (to make sure I have my arms right, etc), so changing up the camera angles is helpful. Sadie you are doing great with the tips and telling us just what we’re working on. Love it!

  104. Loved it! I did this one with your recommendations for sumo squats Sadie, and it was perfect! Thanks for the special attention. :)

  105. This is my favorite one yet! Thanks, Sadie.

  106. This was great. Thank you!

  107. Great workout! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done any barre3 work…whew that ab workout was tough!! Thank you!!

  108. This was a great challenge for me! It was nice to have the barre3 shake again. The only thing I feel that was missing was having more stretch time. When I attend class, that is one thing I love to have is a great stretch after working so hard. Great workout overall though! THANKS :)

  109. I had alot of problems with this video skipping. is it just my computer?

  110. I cannot tell you how excited I was to get the email that mybarre3 was going live. Since moving to the Netherlands last September I have used the DVD but it’s just not the same. It’s great to have fresh workouts. And Sadie, I love how it has a class feel with all of your helpful reminders and tips. I also love how your true personality shines through. I feel like I’m there (almost). Thank you, thank you, thank you :)
    p.s. I’ve talked some friends here into trying it out as well!

  111. Wow, just did this class for the first time since signing up, and I think it’s my favorite so far! I found it really challenging! :)

  112. LOVE this one. Really loved the arm series. Thanks for another awesome 60 minutes @ home!

  113. The modifications that Jenny demonstrates are perfect for pregnant clients – thanks! Love it!

  114. Love it! I can now do Barre 3 in New Zealand ..

  115. This 60 min workout was fantastic. Sadie does such a good job on describing the poses. Loved the shoulder opener. Great way to start the day!! Thank you

  116. So excited that this is available to me now! I LOVE these workouts and this is a great price! I did my first workout today and it did skip a little bit, but all in all, a great workout. Kelli Henry

  117. Loving you from Amsterdam!
    This is the next best thing to being in the studio. Thank you! Thank you!

  118. Fantastic!

  119. Hurrah for mybarre3! Just put my 3yr old twins to bed and did the 60 min shape workout in my living room. Great workout and the perfect solution to my too-busy-with-career-and-kids life. No more excuses!

  120. WOW… the e-mail this morning, signed up and did the 60 min workout with Sadie and Jenny LOVED it thank you Sadie for putting it online……Back to my 4 days a week while I’m in Palm Springs for 5 months! Susan Stringer

  121. I am happy I can do this workout while in Mexico. Great class. Keep em coming.

  122. This was my first “mybarre3″ selection — loved the combo of pilates, yoga and sadie-style! Thanks for the at home experience!

  123. It is pouring rain outside this morning and I had a hard timing leaving the house…mybarre3 to the rescue! I just completed this fantastic, challenging workout in my office (in my pajamas)!

  124. LOVED this….perfect in everyway!

  125. Awesome 60 minute workout when I couldn’t make it to the studio!

  126. Love that I can keep up barre3 workouts while traveling. I used water bottles from the mini bar and though a towel would have worked I deflated my ball and it packed easily for the trip.

  127. Great workout. So excited to have more barre3 in my home!

  128. Another great workout. It was very easy to follow and flowed so smoothly.

  129. Wow, great workout! I appreciated the great que’s throughout to keep me on track.

  130. I enjoyed the workout, nice transitions and multi-tasking/blending. Would have liked more stretch for my quads after leg work.